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5 April
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Hello! I'm Rose, and I'm addicted to reading. I use this journal mainly to read fanfic and keep in touch with my LJ friends. Occasionally I post some fic or meta in my favorite fandoms, Harry Potter and Doctor Who/Torchwood.

In real life, I'm a late-30s female academic in New England. I'm a feminist socialist, but I love high society intrigue, so you can also find me in Brideshead Revisited and Downton Abbey fandoms. Go figure!

Friending: My fandom posts are public, but the more personal journal entries are friends-locked. If it seems like we have something in common, then I'm happy to add you. If we haven't had a chance to chat yet, then please tell me a bit about yourself, and what brings you here. (Send a private message, or comment on any of my open posts.)